Monday Thoughts: Once More Unto the Breach

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“Things are never quite as good as they seem, and never quite as bad as they seem.”

After an offseason of questions and uncertainty, it’s game week, and we’re about to find out what the 2013 Hokies are made of.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Frank Beamer’s truism that things are never quite as good as they seem, and never quite as bad as they seem. They certainly weren’t as good as we thought they were last August, were they? I remember complacently saying the Hokies would win their ten games — again — and challenge for an ACC Championship — again.

Not so much.

Now it’s August 2013, and for weeks, we’ve been hearing how inexperienced the Hokies are, how their talent level is down, and injuries are taking their toll on depth. (I’ve been joking lately that Tech’s depth is so thin, it’s as if they’re on probation.) Jeff Grimes started playing musical chairs with his offensive line when spring practice opened in March, and he didn’t stop until Saturday … August 24th.

The receivers are young and dropping passes. D.J. Coles’ knee is a constant problem. J.C. Coleman sprained both his ankles. There’s only one decent tight end on the team. The #3 defensive tackle has taken time off for personal reasons and is out of the picture. The new whip linebacker is out for the season before he even got one play under his belt. The senior cornerback’s knee isn’t anywhere near ready. The senior quarterback threw two interceptions in a recent scrimmage. It’s looking like a six or seven-win season, isn’t it?

Not so much.

Listen, I’m not here to play cheerleader. But it can’t be that bad, can it? I don’t want to turn this