2013 Football Preview: Quarterbacks

This is Virginia Tech’s depth chart at quarterback as of right now.

1) Logan Thomas (#3, 6-6, 254, r-Sr.)
2) Mark Leal (#6, 6-1, 217, r-Jr.)
3) Brian Rody (6-6, 236, r-So.)
4) Brenden Motley (#9, 6-4, 216, r-Fr.)
5) Trey Gresh (#12, 6-1, 209, Sr.)
6) Bucky Hodges 6-6, 235, Fr.)

Logan Thomas

Don’t expect that to change very much, if at all, between now and the start of spring practice.  We all know that Logan Thomas has the job locked up this season.  From what I’ve seen of the backups, Mark Leal has the job locked up for the 2014 season.  Beyond that is uncertainty.

Logan Thomas must have a big 2013

I think it’s imperative that Logan Thomas be big for the offense this season.  Not only for this team, but for future teams as well.  If Thomas plays great this year and becomes a high NFL Draft pick, he legitimizes the Virginia Tech/Scot Loeffler connection when it comes to developing quarterbacks.  That would help with quarterback recruiting in future seasons.

For this current team, Logan has to have a big season because of the question marks surrounding the running game.  Virginia Tech does not have a dominating offensive line, that much is clear.  As of now, they don’t even have a starting offensive line, which is a major concern.  Their top three running backs are players who are only in their second year in the program.  Can it get any worse than last year’s running game?  Probably not.  But that’s not saying much, because last year’s running game is the worst that any of us has seen in years in Blacksburg … maybe the worst ever.

I think the running game will get better as the year goes on, but Logan Thomas is the guy that the offense will have to lean on this season.  But what Logan Thomas will we get?

2011: 59.8%, 3013 yards, 19 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, 135.5 QB rating
2012: 51.3%, 2976 yards, 18 touchdowns, 16 interceptions, 115.94 QB rating

I don’t think anybody saw last year coming.  Thomas went from a raw undeveloped prospect to a star in 2011, and back to resembling a raw undeveloped prospect again in 2012.  I believe a lot of his problems stemmed from wide receivers not named Corey Fuller, as well as the lack of a running game, but those could very well be issues in 2013 as well.

The last time most Tech fans saw him play, he tossed three interceptions in the Spring Game.  He looked like a different guy in practice on Saturday night.  He was throwing darts out there, and making good, quick decisions.

“I thought in practices four and five I saw exactly what I envisioned him being and where he’s going to go,” quarterbacks coach/offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler told the media on Saturday.

Practice #4 was on Thursday, and practice #5 was on Friday.  That means Logan Thomas has had three consecutive very good practices, and that’s a great sign.  It means things are coming more naturally to him, and that he’s trusting his receivers (for better or for worse!).

All eyes are on Logan.  Hopefully he embraces the challenge and has a big senior season.

Mark Leal : A quality backup

I’ve always liked what I’ve seen out of Mark Leal .  I remember the first spring scrimmage of his career, and he did not look ready at all.  The next week he was much better, he skyrocketed past Ricardo Young on the depth chart, and he’s never looked back.  I think he’s a capable quarterback, though beating out a guy with the physical traits of Logan Thomas is very difficult.

If Leal is called upon to play this season, I think the Hokies would