Caleb to get reps at TB, plus updated heights and weights

The updated heights and weights were released by late this morning.  We’ll go over the players and trends that stand out in that area, but first let’s address the Joel Caleb situation.

Joel Caleb

When the national recruiting services rank a player, they rank him based on his offer list, how he looks physically, and how he performs in camps with no helmet or pads.  They don’t take into account things like the time needed to transition from a wildcat quarterback in high school to a wide receiver in college.  Thus, Joel Caleb was ranked the #84 recruit in the country by Rivals.

Here’s what I wrote about Caleb on February 2, 2012, the day he signed: “The big question is how quickly he can make the transition from high school quarterback to college receiver.”

Marcus Davis was a high school quarterback, and he never fully transitioned to wide receiver.  Same for Dyrell Roberts, who moved from tailback to wideout.  D.J. Coles , who also moved from running back to receiver, didn’t hit his stride until his third year of college, and he even attended prep school for a year, so he was a full four years out of high school before he was a contributor.  Those guys all had big offer lists and similar backgrounds out of high school, so expecting Caleb to come out of high school and immediately be an impact player was unfair to him.