Friday Q&A: August 2, 2013

1) With the rumor going around that Joel Caleb will be suspended for the Alabama game, how would a one-game suspension affect his reps during the month of August?

Joel Caleb

Chris Coleman: Assuming that rumor is true (I don’t know that it is, but where there’s smoke there’s fire), I don’t think it will have an effect on his reps throughout the preseason portion of August practices.  However, once game week rolls around, he would certainly be shifted off to the Scout Team to simulate an Alabama receiver.

Most of the month of August is not spent preparing for your first opponent.  It is spent installing your own offense and defense, getting your depth chart ready, and getting your players mentally prepared for the season.  For most of August, you are concentrating on “you”, while you are only focusing on the opponent for the last week or so.

The Hokies start their game week practice for Alabama on August 25.  Up until that point, I expect Joel Caleb to get the regular reps a #5 receiver would usually get during the preseason.  They have to get Caleb prepared for UNC, Georgia Tech, Miami, UVA, Pitt, etc.  That’s what the preseason is for.