Tailback: More questions than answers

The loss of Michael Holmes got me thinking about Virginia Tech’s situation at tailback heading into 2013. There were a ton of question marks heading into the 2012 season, and after those 13 games, we don’t have any answers. Only more questions.

Michael Holmes

There are positives and negatives to almost any situation. There are reasons to be glad that Michael Holmes is no longer a part of the program, and there are reasons to wish that he was still around.

First off, Michael Holmes was a better running back this spring than he was last season. He obviously worked hard in the offseason to bulk up. He was noticeably bigger and stronger in the upper body, and he did a better job of breaking tackles. I also thought he displayed good vision, and he was probably the best natural runner of all of Tech’s backs.

I think Trey Edmunds and J.C. Coleman have more long-term potential than Holmes. If Holmes had been around this year to take away some of their reps in practices, scrimmages and games, then their development would take a little longer. From that standpoint, I’m glad things have been narrowed down a little bit.