Friday Q&A: Big weekend coming up

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1) With the new offensive staff, are there players who were recruited and signed by the old offensive staff that may be moved to different positions (not offense) who could help fill gaps and be contributors?

Chris Coleman: Because of all the question marks surrounding nearly every position on offense, I can’t see anyone getting moved.

Trey Edmunds is one of the few names that jumps out. I don’t think anyone denies that Trey Edmunds could be a very good backer, but he’s needed at running back a lot more. None of the tight ends are going to move. After all, two of them (Duan Perez-Means and Zack McCray) have already been moved from defense to offense.

I’d like for E.L. Smiling to get a shot on defense. At this point, he is behind younger players such as Demitri Knowles, Joshua Stanford, Charley Meyer, Joel Caleb and Kevin Asante at wide receiver. Barring injury, it appears very unlikely that he’ll ever crack the depth chart at wideout. At 6-4, 202, I’d like to see him get a shot at whip. It would be unlikely that he could challenge Ronny Vandyke, but the move worked for Brenden Hill. Plus, it would put Smiling in a better position to potentially contribute on special teams.

2) Tell us more about the Billy Hite and Jim Cavanaugh moves.

CC: Billy Hite and Jim Cavanaugh maintained their coaching salaries for the 2011 season, and then were dropped to a salary of $150,000 for the 2012 season. As far as I could tell, there was no written contract for their $150,000 deals to extend past the 2012 season.

If that’s the case, then Frank Beamer and the athletics department had a decision to make in the offseason. Do you renew the contracts and continue to pay them a total of $300,000 a year, do you keep them in the same spots and pay them less, do you create new positions and pay them less, or do you just cut bait and let them go?

I don’t think you can lump Billy Hite and Jim Cavanaugh into the same discussion, however. They have two completely different positions, one of which (in my opinion) is more important than the other. However, with the recent offensive coaching staff changes, I don’t think the Hokies have a need for either special position anymore.

Jim Cavanaugh is Director of Recruiting