Schedule gets further watered down because of realignment

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The ACC announced the future schedule of rotating conference opponents this afternoon.  It served to reinforce my view that I don’t like what conference realignment has done to scheduling and the fan experience.

We basically knew what things were going to be like already, but actually seeing the released version of the schedule makes it real.  From a football perspective, Tech might as well not be in the same league as Clemson, Florida State, and the rest of the Atlantic Division teams.

I know a lot of folks are loving the new postseason format, and I think it will be fun, too.  It’s going to be fun for all of two weeks in January.  It’s going to be a lot of fun for the participants, and kind of fun for your average college football fan.

But, what about the three months of the regular season?  By expanding the league and leaving the schedule at eight games, the conference schedule becomes watered down.  That means less Florida State, less Clemson, less NC State, and less Louisville on the schedule.  To make matters worse, the crossover opponent remains the same.  Virginia Tech will continue to play Boston College, the most boring, out of place team in the ACC, every single season.

As a further kick to the gut, Louisville will replace Maryland as UVA’s crossover opponent.  The Hoos will get to play an attractive opponent from the Atlantic Division every single year.  Meanwhile, the Hokies will have a nice homecoming matchup with BC every other year, and they’ll also get to continue to play in front of 12,000 fans at Alumni Stadium in the other years.  Fun stuff.

Here’s a breakdown of how many times Tech will play each Atlantic Division team from 2014 through 2024…

Boston College: 11
Clemson: 2
Florida State: 2
NC State: 2
Wake Forest: 2
Syracuse: 2
Louisville: 1

I see four schools out of those seven that I would love to play every year.  I see a fifth (Wake Forest) that I wouldn’t mind playing every year, because they are a short drive from Blacksburg.  I see a sixth that I wouldn’t mind playing every year (Syracuse), simply because they aren’t Boston College.  I see one team on that list that I absolutely do not want to play