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Chris Coleman, a much better scrimmage observer than I, will check in later, but for now, here are my thoughts on yesterday’s scrimmage.

First of all, I came away a little disappointed in Logan¬†Thomas ‘s play, but comments made by Scot Loeffler to the media after the scrimmage cheered me up.

The source of my disappointment: Logan’s accuracy doesn’t seem to have improved from last season. Just like last season, he was sharp at times, and way off at other times. He hit a few receivers in stride, but he badly underthrew one receiver who had gotten five yards behind the defense (I think it was Demitri Knowles), and though the stats show a long completion, the truth is that the ball was very badly thrown.

And one of Logan’s interceptions was simply a hideous pass. A receiver (Josh Stanford, if memory serves) had beaten his defender badly and was headed to the corner of the end zone for a wide open TD, but a lightly-pressured Logan flubbed up his footwork and threw a floater off his back foot that was easily intercepted. The picture at right was taken during the interception, and you can see that Logan’s footwork is way off. It looks like he even hopped when he threw it.

After the pick, Loeffler immediately got close to Logan and demonstrated the proper footwork … two or three times. He showed Logan how to “reset” his feet in an instance like that, and fire the ball with proper form. He started to walk away from Logan, then stopped and demonstrated it again. Logan nodded.

I turned to CC, shook my head, and said, “Redshirt senior QB, and he’s still dealing with basic footwork issues. ”

I’m not down on Logan overall. The guy willed VT to win a couple times last season, especially the Virginia game. It was, however, a low point for me in the scrimmage.

But comments that Loeffler made to Andy Bitter in an article from today’s Roanoke Times shed a different light on things, a more encouraging light.

Loeffler, whose biggest task this offseason was putting Thomas’ throwing motion back together, said the difference between the quarterback from the first practice to now is “night and day.”

“He’s improved in these six days as fast as anyone I’ve ever been around,” Loeffler said …. “I think his release is quicker …. He’s getting the ball out of his hands. He’s upright in the pocket. Are we there yet with him? No. But we’re making