Strategy Session 2014


Four Commits In The Fold

Vinny Mihota earned all-state honors his junior season

Heading into the spring, Virginia Tech has received verbal commitments from four prospects — RB Marshawn Williams , TE/DL Xavier Burke , DE Vinny Mihota , and CB Javon Harrison — in the class of 2014.

Williams made headlines recently by transferring from Hampton High School (Hampton, VA), where he played for three seasons under head coach Mike Smith, to Hampton’s arch-rival, Phoebus High School (Hampton).  When the news initially broke, information also surfaced that Williams was de-committing from Virginia Tech in order to explore other options.  Since the initial report, Williams has indicated that he would explore other options but was still committed to the Hokies.  We have labeled him a “soft commit” for the time being, but I expect he will end up signing with the Hokies.

Burke and Mihota seem very solid in their commitments. Mihota recently landed an offer from Alabama but maintained his pledge to Tech remained firm.  Harrison is a little less solid at this point, but for now he remains committed.

Key Dates

March 23, April 6, and April 20.

The 23rd and the 6th are recruiting events hosted by the football program.  April 20 is the Virginia Tech Spring Game, which annually has been one of Tech’s top recruiting events.

Thomas Dale (Chester, VA) rising senior safety CJ Reavis headlines the list of those recruits expected to attend Tech’s March 23 prospect day.  Rising seniors TJ Boothe (WR, Western Branch (Chesapeake, VA)) and Mihota, and rising junior Garrett Taylor  (CB, St. Christopher’s School in Richmond (VA)) top the list of prospects we have confirmed for the April 6 recruiting event.  We’ll have full coverage of both events, so stay tuned for more.

Recent Roster Notes

Here are some notable developments concerning the current roster since our last class of 2014 “Strategy Session” on February 1.

– Michael Cole retired from football, dealing a blow to the depth at safety.

– Rising red-shirt freshman Der’Woun Greene has been moved from cornerback to wide receiver.

– Linebacker Deon Clarke and wide receiver Joshua Stanford were granted red-shirts this past season.  They each have four years of eligibility remaining.

– Dahman McKinnon had a felony hit-and-run charge reduced to a misdemeanor.  One would think he will likely be back next season, which would be the red-shirt freshman year for the talented linebacker out of Fayetteville (N.C.)  He is not included in the 2014 season roster breakdown below.

– Justin Taylor, a rising sophomore, has moved from defensive tackle to defensive end.


2014 Season Roster Breakdown (Scholarship Players Only)

QB:  5, including two seniors (T. Gresh, M. Leal), one sophomore (B. Motley), and two Class of 2013 recruits (B. Hodges, C. Parker)

TB:  8, including two juniors (J. Coleman, M. Holmes), two sophomores (T. Edmunds, C. Mangus), three Class of 2013 recruits (D. Harris, D. Reid, J. Wright), and one Class of 2014 recruit (M. Williams)

WR:  11, including one senior (E. Smiling), three juniors (K. Asante, D. Knowles, C. Reeves), four sophomores (J. Caleb, D. Greene, M. Irick, J. Stanford), Thomas Smith (2012 recruit planning to enroll in May of 2013), and two Class of 2013 recruits (D. Newsome, D. Prince)

TE:  6, including three seniors (R. Malleck, Z. McCray, D. Perez-Means), one junior (D. Redman), one sophomore (D. Jackson), and one Class of 2014 recruit (X. Burke)

C:  2, including one senior (C. Farris) and