Junior Days, the Spring Game, and New Video Boards

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An Extra Junior Day Gives Recruits Another Option

Virginia Tech recruitniks have been asking for a second Junior Day for years.  In the past, the Hokies have had just one Junior Day event, along with the Spring Game.  Going forward, they will now host two Junior Day events.

Why the change?  It gives rising seniors an extra opportunity to visit Blacksburg.  Like it or not, it’s harder to get to Blacksburg from Virginia’s most talented recruiting territories.  Take a look at the travel distance from the recruiting hotbeds to both Blacksburg and Charlottesville:

Virginia Beach to Blacksburg: 5 hours, 17 minutes
Virginia Beach to Charlottesville: 2 hours, 59 minutes
Richmond to Blacksburg: 3 hours, 30 minutes
Richmond to Charlottesville: 1 hour, 12 minutes
Manassas to Blacksburg: 3 hours, 54 minutes
Manassas to Charlottesville: 1 hour, 47 minutes

It can be tough for recruits to turn a trip to Blacksburg into a day trip.  For the guys from the 757, that would mean spending over 10 hours in a car in one day.  That’s a really long trip to make, especially if they have something planned for that weekend with their family, or with a spring sport.  It also makes it more difficult to get a ride to Blacksburg, if they don’t ride with their parents.

Adding a second Junior Day helps eliminate some of those problems.  In the past, if a recruit had another commitment on Tech’s Junior Day, then he was just out of luck.  There was no second event that he could attend. Now he has two options, and there’s a better chance to get all of the guys the Hokies are targeting on campus.

The goal for all of Tech’s major prospects is to get them on campus for one of the two Junior Day events, as well as the spring game.  The dates of VT’s big events are as follows:

March 23: Junior Day #1
April 6: Junior Day #2
April 20: Spring Game

As usual, the Spring Game will be the ultimate recruiting tool.  Speaking of which …

Bigger Than Your Average Spring Game

Over the last several years, I’ve come to the conclusion that Virginia Tech needed to do two things to elevate the program.

1: Get some new offensive coaches.
2: Improve their recruiting.

As Frank