Friday Q&A: February 15, 2013

1) How do you see the depth chart shaking out for next year’s basketball team, and who will be the breakout player?

Robert Brown

Chris Coleman: Those are both good questions. Virginia Tech will bring in five new players next season, and if nobody on the current team transfers, the Hokies will have a full roster of 13 scholarship players. Even if one or two guys do decide to leave, James Johnson will have many more options next year than he has this year.

We’re going to operate under the assumption that nobody transfers following the end of this season. That’s always a big assumption, but until something happens, there is no reason to speculate.

Point guard: Adam Smith is not a point guard. He is a scoring 2-guard in a point guard’s body. I believe he’ll play a major role next season, but not at point guard. I also don’t see Donte Clark playing point guard right away for the Hokies, considering he doesn’t start at that position for Hargrave. Point guard duties next year will be handled by Marquis Rankin and Malik Mueller , who is the newest Tech commit. Mueller is from Germany, and he has played on the German National Team. He will be a 19 year old freshman next season for the Hokies.