2014 Targets: Defense

Virginia Tech has an opportunity to sign a very good defensive class in 2014, particularly along the defensive front. Unfortunately, with only 14 rising seniors on the roster, the Hokies won’t have an opportunity to sign as many players as they otherwise would.

Naturally there will be player attrition, plus there is always the possibility of January enrollment. Bryan Stinespring noted last night on Tech Talk Live that right now the Hokies will likely take 15-17 players in this class, though it doesn’t seem likely that Tech would sign just 15. There are simply too many good prospects this year.

Fortunately, the Hokies won’t need many defensive backs for the 2014 class. They have a number of young defensive backs in the program already, plus they signed many more this year. That will leave the coaches with a little more room to focus on defensive linemen and linebackers. Tech might struggle to find linebackers, but highly-touted defensive linemen are certainly not in short supply.

Defensive Ends