2014 Targets: Offense

Recruiting   never   stops.    Since   Virginia   Tech   finished   up   their   2013   class   so   early,   they   have   been   actively   pursuing   many   2014   targets.    Today   we’ll   identify   some   2014   offensive   targets   that   we   could   hear   plenty   about   over   the   course   of   the   next   year.

Note   that   this   is   not   a   complete   list   of   Virginia   Tech   offensive   targets.    This   list   will   change   over   the   course   of   the   next   year   as   players   commit,   new   prospects   are   offered,   new   recruits   emerge   at   Tech’s   summer   camps,   etc.    This   is   nothing   more   than   an   early   list   of   some   guys   you   should   keep   an   eye   on.

I’d   like   to   see   Virginia   Tech’s   offensive   class   end   up   somewhere   like   this,   in   terms   of   numbers:

QB:   1
RB:   2
WR:   3
TE:   2
OL:   4