Rutgers Reflections: Swan Song for a Struggling Offense

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Bruce Taylor celebrates the bowl victory over Rutgers.

I’ve been avoiding writing this one.

I’m late to the game with my Russell Athletic Bowl article, and quite a bit has been said and written by others. I’ve read very little of it.  I’m just glad the 2012 season is over.

I’ve never been more happy to have a football season end. No, check that: I’ve never been happy to have a Virginia Tech football season end, period. Until now.

My unhappiness doesn’t have anything to do with the Hokies bowl destination. I’m not bothered that the Hokies went to the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando and played Rutgers. As a matter of fact, here’s a conversation Chris Coleman and I have had more than once through the years in the TSL office:

Me: “You know what would be a fun bowl to go to? The Champs Sports Bowl/Russell Athletic Bowl/Fill-in-This-Year’s-Sponsor Bowl in Orlando.”

Chris: “Yeah. I don’t want to have the kind of season it would take to wind up there, but I’d like to go there.”

Me: “If that ever happens, I’m going to take the whole family, and we’ll go to DisneyWorld.”


Me or Chris: “Yeah, our fans would flip if Tech had that bad a season. But I’d like to go.”

Wrong, right, wrong, right:

  • Wrong: It was not a fun bowl.
  • Right: We didn’t want to have that kind of season. We really didn’t.
  • Wrong: I didn’t go, and I didn’t take the family.
  • Right: Our fans flipped over that bad season.

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