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Frank Beamer's Hokies have been passed by the like of Dabo Swinney's Clemson Tigers recently.
Frank Beamer’s Hokies have been passed by the like of Dabo Swinney’s Clemson Tigers recently.

Frank Beamer is approaching the end of his coaching career. History tells us it will not be kind to him.

I’ll warn you ahead of time that this article is a little numbers-intensive, but even if you’re not a numbers person, I think you can take the major points away when you’re done, so stick with it.

On October 18th of this year, just two days before the Hokies went to Clemson and lost 38-17, Frank Beamer turned 66. The Hokies were 4-3 on Frank’s birthday, but their gift to him was a three-game losing streak starting at Clemson that dropped his program to 4-6, ended his streak of ten-win seasons, and put a 19-year bowl streak in peril.

The bowl streak is the only thing that was saved in this 6-6 year, but this season started a discussion of what Frank will do next, and where his program will go from here.

It’s not likely that Frank Beamer will coach very far beyond the age of 70, if he even lasts that long. Frank signed a new contract in the summer of 2010 that has him coaching through the 2016 season — four more years — before transitioning into an athletic department job on December 31st, 2016. He has the option of continuing to coach beyond that date, but I don’t think he will.

That’s just my personal opinion, and I may be wrong, but I doubt Frank Beamer has more than 3-4 years left in him as a head coach. To me, he’s showing some of the markers of feeling his age. He looks older, he seems more worn down by the season (perhaps losing will do that to you), and his public comments and press conferences lack the energy and focus of the past.

He just looks to me like a coach approaching the end of his career. Check that … a person approaching the end of his career.

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