Hokies Lacked Talent on Offense in 2012

Offensive coaching has been a hot topic amongst Tech fans all season. Today, we’re going to address something else: Virginia Tech’s lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball.

I’m not any different than most other Virginia Tech fans. I think changes need to happen on the offensive side of the ball, and I certainly hope they happen this offseason. This operation has been broken for far too long, and it needs to get fixed ASAP.

We’ve talked about that plenty of times this year, but what we haven’t touched on much is Virginia Tech’s lack of talent on offense. It’s true. Just look at the number of Hokie offensive players who earned All-ACC honors. You’ll see exactly zero on that list. Not one member of the Tech offense was named first team, second team, or even honorable mention All-ACC. That’s almost unbelievable for a program that has been so good for so long.

I think you can blame some of that on Virginia Tech’s offensive system and organization, which is a product of coaching. I think you can blame a lot of it on a lack of talent as well. And when I say talent, I mean good, natural football players, not athletes who can run and jump.