Commonwealth Cup Remains in Blacksburg

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A Subdued Lane Stadium

Were it not for the school bands at Saturday’s game, I would have thought we were at an NFL game.  Half the south endzone was empty, and it seemed like a big group of students didn’t make it back from Thanksgiving break in time for the game.

Not only was the crowd small (by Tech standards), it wasn’t particularly active.  Sure, it was cold.  Sure, it was noon.  But except for the boos directed towards the Virginia Tech offense throughout various portions of the game, that was a very passive crowd on Saturday afternoon.

That’s what happens when you have a tough season.

The Tech Offense: Some Observations, both Good and Bad

The Tech offense got off to a bad start.  There was some bad blocking, as usual, and some bad throws by Logan Thomas , as usual.  It is what it is, at this point.  I thought they would play a little better than they did, but I was by no means surprised that they looked as bad as they did for much of the game.

Logan Thomas searches for a UVA defender to run over.

At the same time, you’ve got give them credit for coming back in the second half and scoring a touchdown when it was needed, and you’ve got to like the toughness of Logan Thomas .

First, let’s start with a couple of things I didn’t like…

1: It took too long for Virginia Tech to figure out that Martin Scales was the best running back option for this game.  Even though he started, Scales only had two carries in the first half.  Tech made it a point to get Scales the ball early in the second half, though Logan Thomas fumbled away a nice drive that began mostly because of Scales running the football.  Scales has been Tech’s best back for the