Monday Thoughts: The Road Losing Streak is Over

Frank Beamer

This is the worst Virginia Tech football season in 20 years, no question, but what it really is is the worst VT football season on the road in a long time.

While watching the game with some friends Saturday, we started talking … especially when it was 13-3 … about how close the Hokies were to going winless on the road, and the question came up: When was the last time Virginia Tech didn’t win a road game in a season?

Answer: 1987. The Hokies were 2-9 that season, with home wins over Navy and Cincinnati, and they went 0-6 on the road.

Even the 1988 team, which went 3-8 had a road win: 41-14 at Cincinnati. The 1992 team, with a record of 2-8-1, had a road win: 26-7 at Temple.