Monday Thoughts: Hokies Searching for Rock Bottom

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My mind has been roaming around to a lot of different subjects over the weekend, so rather than make this week’s column an over-arching summary of last Thursday’s action and its context in the season … and all that … I figured I would just touch upon various topics.

In case you missed my post on the Lounge last Tuesday night, I stuck a knife in my thumb while attempting to carve a pumpkin. The doctor, while stitching it up (four stitches), remarked that I didn’t do things halfway. It was an ironic statement, considering that yeah, I had sliced about halfway through my thumb pad. More like a third of the way, but it wasn’t serious in the grand scheme of things, and six days later, it doesn’t really affect my typing. Who knew that you don’t really use your left thumb that much when typing?

Having said that, I haven’t tackled a 6-7 page article, either, so we’ll see how this goes.

At this point, I think we can all agree on a few things.

First of all, this is a really bad season. Shockingly bad. Might-not-go-to-a-bowl bad. That’s unthinkable. Don’t give me that eight-starters-replaced-on-offense or the-offensive-coaches-suck mumbo jumbo; Virginia Tech Football goes to bowls. It’s what they do. The idea of sitting at home during December and early January is completely foreign to this program and its fans. The last time Virginia Tech didn’t go to a bowl, no one had heard of the Internet. That’s how long ago it was.

Therefore, if you’re feeling a little “off” as a fan, and the whole situation is freaking you out, that’s understandable. As much as you knew this day would eventually come, because it happens to every program, it’s bizarre that it’s actually here.

Secondly, we’re all just waiting at this point for two things: (1) a resolution to the season. An ACC Championship Game appearance is not going to happen; will a bowl happen? What bowl will it be? And (2) to see what changes will come in the offseason, if any.

Third, this program is at a crossroads. I think it is, anyway. Don’t you?

Let’s talk about the actual game a little bit first.

Thoughts on the Miami Game

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