Hokies Start Clicking Against Duke

This is a transcript of our weekly phone interview with Raleigh Hokie.

I thought the offensive line had its best game of the season. What were your impressions?

No question. Not just the offensive line, but blocking overall. Those combinations blocks were working this time. You know how they say “we just missed, a block here, a block there, and it’s a big gain?” I know people get tired of hearing that, but it’s really about a combination of players sealing or springing a play. Either iso’s, some sort of zone … and the first long touchdown run was an example of that. Ryan Malleck and Nick Becton sealed the edge, and Joey Phillips cut the corner off.

That’s exactly how you draw it up. It took all three of them to make it work. And of course J.C. Coleman is fast enough to take it to the house. That’s how zone blocking is supposed to work. If any of those three players didn’t execute, then the play probably would have been blown up at the line of scrimmage.