Benedict Gets Physical with Duke

Virginia Tech’s offensive line played their best football game of the season on Saturday.  Brent Benedict , starting at right guard because of injuries, played an outstanding game.  Today, we highlight his play.

I’ve said from the beginning that Benedict should be starting at guard.  He’s a big, physical guy who is capable of driving defensive tackles.  His pass blocking scares the coaching staff apparently, but I don’t see how he could be much worse than the other guards have been when it comes to protecting Logan Thomas.

At any rate, Benedict brings the strength, toughness and nastiness that Virginia Tech needs on the interior of their offensive line.  After looking at Nick Becton’s performance at UNC, I decided to examine Benedict’s performance against Duke.  I liked what I saw very much, and I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be starting for the rest of the season.

We broke his highlights down into two parts.  These are by no means his only good plays of the game.  These just happen to be the ones that I picked out. Remember, Benedict plays right guard and wears #55.