Monday Thoughts: Stop the Tape … Please

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Frank Beamer’s looking for answers in a season gone awry early.

Okay, you can ditch the fishbowl analogy. You know the one I’ve been using to describe the VT football program, where you swim back and forth, and the scenery never changes?  Holy cow, is it changing now.

Somebody took our little fishbowl, put it on a bus, and drove it straight to the wrong side of the tracks.

And abandoned it.

The rude wakeup calls continue, week after week. The latest is a 48-34 loss to UNC that, much like the 35-17 loss to Pittsburgh, wasn’t that close.

If you watch the tape of this game — I like how we still call it tape, even though I’m watching a digital version via my DVR — which I did for a while, you start to appreciate that this game was not a two-score game. The 48 points that UNC put up on the board was more consistent and surgical and balanced, more confident, than Virginia Tech’s 34.

It was one big play after another, one ten-yard-plus run after another, one cleanly thrown pass after another … Logan Thomas put up a career-high 354 yards passing, but he was scrambling, throwing into the face of rushers, and taking hits all day. Bryn Renner’s white jersey with the baby blue numbers was clean enough to put back up on the hanger afterwards, ready for next week’s game. One of these things (34 points) is not like the other (48 points).

Virginia Tech is a bad football team right now. They’re our Hokies, and we love them, but they’re bad. They’re struggling in multiple facets of the game. Defensively, they’ve got no push from the tackles, they’re struggling to defend the pass, and they simply cannot tackle in the open field. They’re #64 in the nation, with a bullet … in the wrong direction.

Offensively, our “NFL Ready” QB — I like making fun of myself