Good Performances from the Cincinnati Game

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Today we’re going to look at some of the positive plays and individual performances from the Cincinnati game.

I know the talk has turned a bit negative – or realistic, depending on your perspective – and I’m as tired of writing things like that as you are of reading them.  So today, I decided to change things up a bit.  I watched the Cincinnati game yesterday, and picked out certain plays that stood out to me, in a good way.

Here’s a video of 28 plays that I picked out from the game.  Offense, defense, and special teams are all included.

First Half

Play 1: Kyshoen Jarrett is having a very good season for the Hokies. On this play, he stands up a bigger blocker and protects the outside.  He forces the play back inside, where the pursuing Tech defense makes the tackle for a minimal gain.

Play 2: Nick Becton is playing at a high level for the Hokies, particularly in the passing game.  Watch him dominate the blitzer on this play.

Play 3: Now that’s Virginia Tech special teams!  There were 4-5 guys down the field to give the punt returner a warm reception.

Play 4: Playing rover on the short side of the field, Kyshoen Jarrett pursues downhill and takes out Munchie Legaux on the outside run.

Play 5: Watch Bruce Taylor get off the block of the offensive lineman, and then pursue laterally to knock the ball carrier out of bounds.  Taylor had an outstanding game at the backer position.

Play 6: The Tech defense didn’t get fooled on the fake.  Michael Cole and Tyrel Wilson stayed home, and got Munchie in the backfield.

Play 7: This is a very impressive play by the Tech defense.  The entire offensive line blocks to the right, but the Tech defenders read their key properly.  It appears they are keying off the first movement of the H-back, who goes left to act as the lead blocker.  It’s four Tech defenders vs. one blocker, and the Tech defense obviously wins.