Hokies Slow to Make Adjustments

This is our phone interview with Raleigh Hokie, post-Cincinnati game.

What did the offense do differently in the second half?

Well, they did a lot of stuff.  They made some adjustments at halftime.  Going into the game – and I said this last week – I think they decided it would be hard to outflank Cincinnati’s defense.  They had better speed than Bowling Green.  I think Cincinnati was probably thinking the same thing.  They were pressing everything up and in, and I think we were reluctant in the first half to try and go wide on them.  That wasn’t the game plan they came in with, and those outside plays can potentially lose a lot of yardage if they don’t work.

They went into halftime and decided to make the adjustment – or maybe they finally saw what was going on – but Cincinnati was playing them a little differently than what they expected.  They went more to a perimeter game in the second half.  They started picking up yards, and that created some confidence, and the players started playing with a little more energy.