Raleigh Hokie Post-Pitt: Part 1

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The following is a transcription of a phone interview with Raleigh Hokie.

1: It seemed like Tech played more man-to-man.  Is that true?

I’m not sure I’d say we played more than we wanted to.  What we did was blitz a lot.  Our game plan was to get a lot of pressure on the quarterback, so I think that’s why we saw as much of it as we did.  I think it was originally intended to be a multiple defense, but when you lose Kyle Fuller and you have to start moving people all over the field like Bonner to corner and Cole to safety, you are going to play more man-to-man because the players understand that.  You simplify your coverages.

Bud Foster was angry about his defense’s performance against Pitt.

2: Describe the problems up front stopping the run.

They just didn’t play hard.  It’s very rare that you can say that about a Virginia Tech team.  That was the big problem in the first half, there’s no doubt about it.  I can’t even imagine what it was like being around the coaches after the game and the next day.  The effort just wasn’t there.

After losses, the coaches always mention that the team played hard.  Win or lose, the VT coaches always talk about how hard the team played.  Not in this game.  They played harder in the second half, but still not at the level we are used to seeing.

Something just wasn’t right, and you start wondering about leadership when that stuff starts happening.  You wonder whether we have good senior leaders.  That’s something to watch going forward.  That’s one thing that gets underestimated.  Players hold themselves accountable to other players more than they hold themselves accountable to coaches.  When an upperclassman gets up in your face and accuses you of not playing hard, that’s going to hit home.

So you start wondering a bit about the senior leadership.

3: Well, they’ve only got three