Monday Thoughts: Austin Peay

Marcus Davis

Those of you who wanted VT to be winning 42-7 midway through the second quarter — instead of at the end of the game — are going to be disappointed by this writeup. Those of you who think the “starters should have been fired up to play hard and get off the field early” are going to be disappointed.

Those of you who think the players and coaches are robots who should be able to perform at 100% peak efficiency, whether it’s two weeks rest, ten days rest, seven days rest, or five days rest … are going to be disappointed.

As I write this, I’ve got a horrendous cold that hit its stride Friday night and made me a zombie Saturday. All I really want to do right now (Sunday night as I write this) is take a nap. For about 15 hours.

How did I get this cold? I’m usually a healthy guy. I got this cold because I crammed a week’s worth of work into five days … check that, four days. I was in the press box until 2:30 AM Monday night, didn’t get to sleep until 3:30 AM Monday night, and was up until 2:00 AM Tuesday night watching the game film. Up till midnight Wednesday and Thursday, just trying to catch up. In four days, I think I got 21 hours of sleep.