Georgia Tech Breakdown: Foster Wins the Battle

Raleigh Hokie’s breakdown of the Georgia Tech game shows how Bud Foster got the better of Paul Johnson.  But first, let’s talk about the VT offense vs. the GT defense.

Logan Thomas

This article is transcribed from a phone interview, and the lines in bold are questions from Chris Coleman.

Let’s start with the offense.  I don’t think Logan Thomas had his best game.  What was your overall take on Thomas?

No, he struggled.  I had some issues watching it live with where he was going with the ball, decision wise.  Watching the film didn’t really support that, or reject it either.  So it’s hard to say, but he was definitely off in terms of accuracy.  I think we were confused by what Georgia Tech was doing.  I don’t think they expected them to do what they did.  It took him awhile to get mentally adjusted to what he was seeing.