Friday Q&A: May 25, 2012

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1) Did Texas A&M and Missouri’s recruiting classes improve due to SEC membership?  If so, how much?

Chris Coleman: That’s a great question, and the jury is still out.  Those two schools jumped to the SEC last summer, when 2013 recruiting had already begun.  They haven’t been able to tout SEC membership for a full recruiting cycle yet, so we’ll have a better idea after their 2013 class.  That said, there’s nothing stopping us from comparing their 2012 class to their previous classes.

First, let’s look at Texas A&M.  We are going by the team rankings.

2012: #15 overall, one 5-star, six 4-stars
2011: #27 overall, zero 5-stars, three 4-stars
2010: #17 overall, zero 5-stars, nine 4-stars
2009: #22 overall, one 5-star, four 4-stars
2008: #16 overall, zero 5-star, seven 4-stars

For the Aggies, their 2012 class really wasn’t much different than their previous classes.  I don’t trust ranking systems that factor in the number of recruits signed (as Rivals does).  However, looking at the number of 5-stars and 4-stars that Texas A&M has been able to get, I don’t see much difference.

That being said, Texas A&M already has eight 4-star commitments for their 2013 class, and I’m sure they are still pursuing many other highly-touted guys.  If I had to guess, I’d say that they’ll end up with more 4-star commitments than they’ve had in past years.  Maybe that is SEC membership paying off, or maybe it’s not.  It certainly doesn’t hurt.  Also, as a side note, all 16 of A&M’s verbal commitments for 2013 are from the state of Texas.

Now, for the Missouri Tigers…

2012: #31, one 5-star, one 4-star
2011: #48, zero 5-star, one 4-star
2010: #21, zero 5-star, seven 4-stars
2009: #40, one 5-star, one 4-stars
2008: #25, one 5-star, two 4-stars

Missouri seems to bounce up and down the recruiting rankings.  They’ve brought in several 5-star guys over the years, but for the most part they are a 3-star program.  They do have three 4-star recruits so far for the 2013 class, which is more than they signed in every year listed except 2010, and it’s possible SEC membership is playing a role in that.

Remind me in February and we will revisit this question when the 2013 class is complete.