Weaver Makes a Change

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As you know by now, Virginia Tech is in the market for a new men’s basketball coach.  Seth Greenberg was fired today by Jim Weaver after getting the approval from Charles Steger at approximately 8:20 this morning.  As of now, we’re a program in transition.

The Firing, From a Recruiting Perspective

Why was he fired?  Will is going to cover that in some thoughts coming up later tonight, and a simple Google News search will give you the quotes from Jim Weaver during today’s press conference.  I’m going to look at it from a different angle…recruiting, and the consequences of how recruiting in 2013 would have been extremely hampered by retaining Seth Greenberg for another year.

Seth Greenberg

First of all, I want to say this.  Always remember that there are innocent people involved in every situation like this.  Seth Greenberg’s second daughter is a current student at Virginia Tech, and she’s walking around campus hearing people say things about her dad, many of which aren’t positive.  That’s a tough situation to be in.  I feel bad for her, and every other innocent person who is affected by Jim Weaver’s decision.

That being said, I believe the decision was a correct one.  In fact, I wish it had been done a month ago.  I wasn’t a big fan of getting rid of Seth at the time, but as I’ve watched the continued exodus of assistant coaches, talked to insiders about how it would affect recruiting, and heard from sources about certain current players who wanted to get out of the program, it didn’t take me long to decide that a change was needed.

First of all, when reading this article, remember this: for the last month, there has been a strong rumor throughout the college coaching community that the 2012-13 season would be Seth Greenberg’s last in Blacksburg.  He was considered a lame duck coach by many involved in the industry, and that rumor was stirred further by the departures of Rob Ehsan, James Johnson, and now John Richardson (he took a job at ODU…I started hearing those rumors late last week).