Spring Game Weekend a Success

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Today we’ll take a look at Tech’s latest recruits, the 4pm start time of the Spring Game, and the battle for the 757.

The Start Time

As you know, Virginia Tech’s 2012 Spring Game was cancelled because of lightning.  Ironically, if the game had been scheduled for a 2pm start as usual, the Hokies would have been able to get in almost the entire four quarters.

There’s a rumor floating around that the time of the game was dictated by ESPN, since the game was scheduled to be broadcast on the internet by ESPN3.  That’s inaccurate from what I hear.  The Tech coaches decided to move the game back a couple of hours to give recruits more time to get to Blacksburg, and so they’d get a chance to take in all of the pre-game experience.

If you are a recruit coming from Norfolk or Northern Virginia, you’ve got to leave really early in the morning if you want to be a part of the full pre-game experience and get a lot of time with the coaching staff.  A 2pm start made it tough on some guys, especially since the coaches are on the field by 1pm for warmups.

With a 4pm start, a recruit can arrive in Blacksburg by noon and get a tour of the facilities, spend a lot of time with the staff, meet the support staff such as the trainers, nutritionists, etc. and still have time to take a stroll through the parking lots to check out the impressive display of tailgating put on by Tech fans.

In short, a 4pm start makes it a more complete day for everyone involved.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate this year, but it didn’t seem to harm Tech’s recruiting.  In fact, things went better than usual because of the extra time before the game.  As a bonus, the coaches got an extra couple of hours to recruit because the game didn’t actually get played.

We’ll have to wait and see if Tech continues with their 4pm start time next year, but based on this year’s results I think they should.

The Commits

Virginia Tech picked up five recruits for the 2013 class on Saturday.  They also got their 2014 class off to a strong start.  Let’s take a quick look at the guys who committed yesterday.

Bucky Hodges : The 6-6 quarterback was Tech’s top target at his position.  He’s a pocket passer who can also run if needed.  Salem and the Hokies run many of the same formations, with multiple spreads, and I-formations mixed in.