Critical Spring for Basketball Recruiting

Virginia Tech is attempting to put the finishing touches on their 2012 basketball recruiting class.  With the spring signing period coming up in April, the Hokies are scrambling to find another couple of prospects to fill out their class.

There are some things to like about the 2012 class.  And so far, there are some things to not like about it.  Also, here’s something that hasn’t drawn a lot of discussion: guard recruiting, and why it is seriously handicapping the program.

Wood and Harrell

Virginia Tech signed two players for the 2012 class back in November: Marshall Wood and Montrezl Harrell .  Both players have their supporters and detractors, even amongst our sources.  I know of two scouts who have two completely different opinions.  One is a big fan of Harrell and thinks he’ll start next year, but he doesn’t think much of Marshall Wood .  The other thinks Wood is underrated, while Harrell is overrated.