Sugar Bowl Thoughts: Hokie Nation Deserves High Profile Win

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We’re less than two weeks away from the Sugar Bowl, and the national media is
still criticizing the Hokies. At the same time, they are also providing plenty
of motivation. It’s been awhile since the Hokies have had a high profile win.
They really need to get one, for the fan base if nothing else.

ESPN’s Dog and Pony Show Continues

I have plenty of respect for the coaching career and accomplishments of Lou
Holtz. However, the mere fact that ESPN allows him to express his opinions in
front of a camera, live on national television, is making me seriously question
the decision making of that esteemed network.

Last night, #18 TCU came from behind to narrowly defeat Louisiana Tech in the
San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (don’t you just love the names of
bowls these days?). It was a game many thought TCU would win fairly easily, but
they didn’t. Obviously Lou Holtz knows why.

Dr. Lou suggested that TCU suffered through a flat performance because they
had a Rose Bowl appearance last year, and this year should be in the Sugar Bowl
instead of Virginia Tech. Excuse me? #18 TCU? Sheesh. I guess Lou didn’t realize
that, as the #18 team in the BCS, TCU was ineligible to be selected as an
at-large team.

For the record, I didn’t hear the comment myself, but a couple of our subscribers
did. If you ever pay any attention to Lou Holtz, then you aren’t surprised by
the comment. He has become ESPN’s circus clown. I used to not be a fan of Mark
May. Now I feel bad for him for being forced to share the same studio as a guy
like Holtz.

Holtz is 74 years old, and he can’t speak clearly. Yet ESPN feels like he’s a
good choice to be a live football analyst. Until ESPN rethinks that decision, I
don’t see any reason to take their college football coverage seriously. They are