ACC Championship Game: Clemson Saves Their Best for Tech

1) Why did the offense struggle so much against Clemson’s defense when other
teams did not? Why do the Tech receivers have so much trouble with press

I watched a few of Clemson’s games and there is no doubt that their defense
played their best football in the two games against VT. Match-ups are always
part of the equation, but Clemson’s defenders played at a totally different
level against the Hokies. Certainly one reason is that Tech is a target now for
every other ACC team — Clemson included. They have very good players on both
sides of the ball — big, fast and athletic. In the other games I watched (Wake,
NC State, South Carolina), the Clemson defense seemed disinterested and
uninspired at times, even though a lot was on the line in two of those games
(Wake and USC). Their primary weakness was the secondary — an area the Hokies
were unable to exploit in eight quarters of football.