Great Gameplan Leads to Blowout of UVA

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I’m heading down to the game this weekend, and I expect a different outcome
than the first meeting.

Well I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. They are reeling and we’re not. You’ve
got to be careful with the overconfidence part, but since we lost to them
already this isn’t like the FSU game in 2005 when they had lost their last three
games of the season. It’s hard to beat the same team twice. That’s why LSU
isn’t real happy about Alabama probably finishing #2.

What did Bud Foster do to take away Perry Jones in the passing game?

The coaches had clearly scouted UVA’s tendencies very well. They knew in
which situations UVA generally tried to get Perry Jones the ball, and they knew
their formation tendencies in those situations. They matched him up in man
coverage at times, primarily with Tariq Edwards. That wasn’t surprising, we all
expected that.

The thing that they did differently, when UVA ran playaction, Tech used one
of their defensive ends, usually J.R. Collins, to knock Jones off his route when
he came through the line. Then Collins would actually follow him into the flat.
We had a defensive end knocking him off his route, and then shadowing. Behind
that, we had a linebacker who was going to be next in line if Jones beat the
defensive end.

Rocco saw a defensive end all over Jones, and a linebacker waiting, so he had
to come off of that throw several times. A lot of times Perry was Rocco’s first
read. The Hokies made him come off of that, which he isn’t used to, and that
threw off the timing of the UVA passing game. Then Tech got pressure in his

That’s something I wouldn’t have thought of. It was quite a radical thing to
have a defensive end knock off those timing routes to the running back. UVA
certainly wasn’t expecting it.

Once Tech shut down the running game, they really got after Mike Rocco.
Foster brought a lot of different blitzes.

Tech had a lot of