Matchups Seem Even in Annual Tech-UVA Game

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The following is a transcript of a phone interview with Raleigh Hokie.

UVA and UNC seem like similar teams in a lot of ways. Is that true?

I think the UVA and UNC schemes are similar. UVA runs a pro style type of deal. The defenses are similar, but I think UVA is a little more aggressive with their blitzes. It helped us to play UNC because I think they blitzed more than they usually do. That might help us a little bit going into UVA.

I think the main difference between the two teams is that UNC is a lot more talented, but they don’t play very well together. UVA has it going. To me, UVA is sort of a mix of UVA’s schemes with Wake Forest’s chemistry. Wake Forest is a poor man’s UVA I think. UVA has more talent, but both teams have very good chemistry.

Give Mike London credit. He’s done a good job, no doubt about it.

UNC’s front seven was the best Tech has faced this year. As the game went on, I think the blocking got a lot better.

They had a tough play on the first play from scrimmage when they lined up wrong and gave up a sack and fumble. The good news is that they didn’t let it bother them. That’s the main reason this team, and recent Tech teams, have been so successful. They don’t let things bother them and get in their heads. Go back to the 2005 team, and a mistake like that by Marcus Vick would have put him on the shelf for the rest of the game. He wouldn’t have gotten over it.

I think it’s one of those deals where the Hokies have the right type of mental toughness. For the next three quarters, it was a dominant performance, for the next 30 or 35 minutes in the game.

Explain why Detrick Bonner at the whip/nick spot against UNC.

I think they wanted to match up Jayron Hosley on Dwight Jones. They had a Hosley on the wide side of the field, which is where Jones lines up many times. Kyle Fuller was playing boundary corner.

I think the reason they had Bonner at whip is because they’ve gotten so used to playing nickel. The reason question is why didn’t Cris Hill play a lot more. I think they like him on the outside in zone situations more than man situations. They didn’t want to put Hill on the boundary to play Erik Highsmith, so they put Fuller over there to play him, and they wanted someone in slot who could play better