Hokies Looking for Revenge Against UNC

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We hear a lot of talk about these next two football games being about the
Coastal Division, and whether or not the Hokies will get a chance to get some
revenge on the Clemson Tigers. The reality, however, is that these next two
games mean more than that.

Clemson can wait. We’ll cross that bridge when and if we get there. But think
about these next two opponents, UVA and UNC. We’ll talk about Virginia first,
even though they are last on the schedule. Virginia is the in-state rival, Mike
London is the new coach that everyone is talking about, and the Hoos think they
are gaining ground on the Hokies. UVA’s recruiting is picking up, and they’ve
even managed to steal a few prospects from VT this year, though the Hokies are
still having a great recruiting year.

In today’s what-have-you-done-for-me-lately society, winning and losing these
rivalry games can be important. If Virginia wins, it shows recruits that Mike
London has the program on the right track. If the Hokies put a beatdown on the
Hoos, then it’s “not so fast my friend”.

Besides, does anybody really want to face friends and family who are UVA
grads over the holidays if the Hoos manage to beat the Hokies? For the better
part of the decade, losing to UVA has been unthinkable, and you know that all
your Wahoo buddies have a lot of ammo saved up for the moment that it actually
does happen.

Meanwhile, the Tar Heels hired and fired Butch Davis, had a runner for an
agent coaching their defensive line, and they are awash with academic scandals,
parking ticket drama, and whatever else you can imagine. Thinking about that
program, and the fact that all their ineligible players actually beat the Hokies
on a Thursday night in Lane two years ago, makes my skin crawl. Even though Tech
easily beat UNC last year in Chapel Hill, they still owe the Heels for that
Thursday night game two years ago.

That Georgia Tech win felt really good last week, and so did the Miami
victory in October. If the Hokies can win these last two games, the wins will
feel even better, just because of whom they are playing. There’s nothing quite
like beating UVA, and knocking off a dirty program like UNC would be very
satisfying. Winning the Coastal Division at that point would be the icing on the...