Georgia Tech Q&A: Spread Option a Tough Matchup for Hokies

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The Georgia Tech offense is the big topic of the day. Raleigh Hokie and
Chris Coleman check in with their thoughts on the Yellow Jacket offense and the
Virginia Tech defense.

1) What keys should the fans be looking at to stop the GT offense?

Raleigh Hokie: For any defense, the keys to controlling the GT offense
are to know the personnel, stay disciplined, play the correct assignment and do
not get knocked off your feet. More than anything else success defending the
option comes down to consistent execution, particularly on first down. Yeah, we
hear that all of time, but it takes on an even higher value when playing
assignment football against a true option offense that plays four down football
in most situations.

Schematically it’s not a hard offense to defend — it’s just so different
from what the players normally see. So for most of the year they play
aggressively and chase the ball relentlessly — against GT, being overly
aggressive and chasing the ball too soon can result in disaster. Forgetting your
assignment and chasing the football too quickly opens the playside to the option
pitch and the backside to misdirection and rocket sweeps.

So, play your assignment, stay on your feet, and successfully defend first
down. Do those things consistently and the defense should have a fairly
successful night.

Chris Coleman: When Virginia Tech lost to Georgia Tech in 2009, the
biggest issue was the outside runs. Tech’s safeties, Kam Chancellor in
particular, were getting knocked off their feet on cut blocks from wide
receivers, and that resulted in numerous big plays for the Yellow Jackets. The
Hokies have to really concentrate on staying on their feet in this game.

On the interior, it’s always important to shut down the A-gaps (between the
center and the guards) and turn Georgia Tech’s triple option into a