Friday Q&A: October 21, 2011

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In today’s Friday Q&A, we look ahead towards a couple of possible
scenarios in 2012. What will Tech’s offensive line look like, and who will be
their #4 wide receiver? Also, what is the best college position for each of
Virginia Tech’s 2012 football recruits?

1) What kind of production should we expect from next year’s offensive line?

Chris Coleman: Good question. I suppose since Boston College is 1-5 on
the year, this is a good week to do a little look ahead in the Friday Q&A.
(We just hope the Hokie football team doesn’t look ahead too much.)

As we all know, Virginia Tech starts four seniors on the offensive line: left
tackle Andrew Lanier, left guard Greg Nosal, right guard Jaymes Brooks and right
tackle Blake DeChristopher. The Hokies are going to have to replace some very
good, experienced players up front for the 2012 season.

The Hokies do have a little more depth up front this year, so they will have
some experience to plug in next year, even if it isn’t starting experience. Left
tackle Nick Becton is getting between 30 and 40 reps per game. Michael Via is
getting around 20 plays per game. David Wang got 29 snaps against Appalachian
State and the coaching staff was very confident in him. Unfortunately, he got

So there is talent behind the starters. I have confidence in Michael Via at
either guard or tackle, and except for one bad quarter against Clemson, Nick
Becton is a much better player in 2011 than he was in 2010.

You can pretty much count on David Wang starting at one of the guard spots.
You can count on Nick Becton starting at left tackle, and Andrew Miller starting
at center. At right tackle we could see Vinston Painter, or we could see Michael
Via. We could also see Via at the remaining guard spot, or we could see a guy
like Matt Arkema there. Georgia transfer Brent Benedict will almost certainly factor in at either guard or tackle. It’s too early to tell at this point.

I think next year’s line should be solid. Though four starters are gone, some
of the backups will have experience, and the Hokies shouldn’t have trouble
finding a couple of other