Mistakes, Injuries Limiting the Tech Offense

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Lot’s of things went wrong offensively for Virginia Tech against Clemson.
Raleigh Hokie discusses those things with us, as well as the progress of the
defense, and what we could see from the offense in the future.

The following is a transcript of a phone interview with Raleigh Hokie.

Comments on the play analyzed in the TSL Pass article “Anatomy of a Bad

Article link: Anatomy
of a Bad Play

Fuller is a young player, and he misread the adjustment. Clemson showed a
Cover-2 zone, but right before the snap they jumped to a man-free. So Clemson
was running man-to-man with the corners, with a safety playing deep.

What you want to do right there — well maybe not what you and I want to do,
but what Virginia Tech wants to do when they see man-free — is to run the
receivers deep to make the free safety make a decision as to which receiver he
is going to jump on. Tech had Danny Coale running off the free safety, and Corey
Fuller was supposed to run underneath him against man-to-man coverage. Except
Fuller ran outside instead, and there was nobody there.

Danny Coale ran the right route. What we have Logan Thomas doing right now,
which is what we’ve been doing with all first-year starting quarterbacks, is
that he’s only asked to read one side of the field. They basically have him
reading half the field. D.J. Coles was lined up at the top on that play, and he
was basically a decoy. The read was to the trips side.

The cornerback was playing Fuller on the outside, which means he was supposed
to cut his route back inside. That’s the read that Logan Thomas had, and that’s
the throw he made. It was a big mistake on Fuller’s part. Whether or not they
would have completed the pass is different. The window just wasn’t correct, but
had Fuller taken it inside, he might have caught it.

If I remember right, Danny Coale seemed very frustrated after that play.
That’s your classic sophomore quarterback with an inexperienced receiver. The
reason the middle of the field was so open was because Clemson was in man-to-man
coverage and none of the receivers took their defender