Hokies Prepared and Focused Against Appalachian State

Sure, it was Appalachian State, but I liked a lot of the things I saw from Virginia Tech in yesterday’s 66-13 win. But most of all, it feels good to finally be 1-0 again.

The last time the Hokies were 1-0 was 2007, and even then they didn’t play well in a 17-7 win over East Carolina. The last time they were 2-0 was 2006, but they played bad Northeastern and UNC teams and there were still obviously a lot of flaw on the team. It’s been a long time since the Hokies started a season like they did yesterday.

I haven’t watched the film, and these Sunday articles aren’t going to be based on game tape. They are going to be based on my observations watching the game, either in person or on television.

I’m not sure where Appalachian State would be if they played 1-A football. I think they would be very competitive in a smaller conference such as the Sun Belt, or maybe the MAC, but there is really no way to compare. All we can do is look at what the Hokies did, and evaluate it.