Conference Realignment Will Turn Out Well for Tech

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Last summer saw unprecedented coverage of conference realignment, and as the
tectonic plates shifted under the college football world, we saw the Big Ten and
the Pac-10 make major changes. This summer, we’re seeing the SEC wake up and
join the party. Yet again, the ACC remains reactive rather than proactive
despite the fact that the future of college football is becoming clear.

Be Careful What You Wish For

According to our poll,
over 50% of you would prefer to see Virginia Tech in a 16-team SEC. I would not.
I have several reasons why. Here they are, in no particular order.

1: Bad basketball. The past seven years have been great for the Virginia Tech
basketball program. Playing teams like Duke, UNC, Georgia Tech and Maryland has
been a blast. The basketball program would suffer if the school joined the SEC,
which is probably the worst of the power basketball conferences.

2: Competition. I enjoy watching Virginia Tech play good teams, and great
teams. I would not enjoy that week after week. That 10-win streak would end very
soon in the SEC. I’m not even sure our 2008 ACC Championship team would have
made a bowl game against an SEC schedule. Can you imagine the Hokies possibly
playing Alabama, Florida, LSU, Auburn, Georgia and South Carolina in the same
season? Ugh.

3: A big dog? Not anymore. Virginia Tech has one of the largest, most
passionate fan bases in the ACC. Their stadium capacity is fourth-largest in the
league. If you throw out Miami, who doesn’t fill (or own) their own stadium,
Tech only trails FSU and Clemson. In the SEC, the only schools who would have a
smaller stadium than the Hokies would be Ole Miss, Mississippi State and
Vanderbilt. Kentucky, in all of their football glory, has a bigger stadium than
Virginia Tech. The Hokies are a special program in the ACC, but they would be
just another program in the SEC.

But more than all that, I don’t want Virginia Tech to become what the SEC is
already – dirty