The Wait is Over … Almost

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Another football season is upon us. The Hokies will begin practice this afternoon at 5pm for the 2011 season in hopes of capturing their fifth ACC Championship in their first eight years in the conference.

Five in eight years? Man, if the Hokies do win it this year, we’re going to start to lose count, just like the bowl streak (which stands at a whopping 18 years, for the record). If I lost count of ACC Championships, I wouldn’t complain.

The Logan Thomas Era Begins

There is no bigger storyline heading into the season than Virginia Tech’s r-sophomore quarterback, Logan Thomas. Thomas has already become very popular with the fanbase, and even if he’s not quite as good as folks think he’s going to be, we’ve got a lot to look forward to over the next three years.

Gone is Tyrod Taylor, who is now getting reps as the #2 quarterback with the Baltimore Ravens. Taylor was huge for the Tech program for the last four seasons, helping the Hokies to three conference championships and earning ACC Player of the Year honors in 2010. Tech fans will always hold a special place in their hearts for the memories that Taylor left them with. But now it’s time to move on. That’s the nature of college football, where we can only enjoy great players for a limited number of years.

I don’t know if Logan Thomas will turn out to be better than Tyrod Taylor. I don’t know if he’ll be worse. I don’t know if they’ll be exactly the same. What I do know is that things will be different.

At 6-6, 254 (yep, he’s gotten even bigger over the summer), Thomas is obviously a much bigger quarterback than Taylor. He doesn’t have the juking and jiving ability. He’s a pocket passer with good straight ahead speed, and a lot of strength. While Tyrod Taylor made a habit of running around defensive backs, Logan Thomas is going to run over them.

The development pattern of the two quarterbacks couldn’t be any different as well. Tyrod Taylor never got the benefit of a redshirt year. The coaching staff wanted to redshirt him in 2007 and again in 2008, but quickly came to the conclusion that the Hokies were a better football team with Taylor on the field than on the sideline.

Thomas, on the other hand, came to Tech