Friday Q&A: June 3, 2011

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Football and basketball are the topics today. Exactly how good is this
incoming freshman basketball class? Is the ACC heading in the right direction?
Are the Hokies done with facilities upgrades? All that and more in today’s
Friday Q&A.

1) Where will the ACC go in football terms (up, down, or level) in Frank’s
remaining tenure? How will the newer and more lucrative TV conference contracts
affect Frank and VT? Where will VT go in terms of football facilities and
football recruiting before Frank retires?

Chris Coleman: Good questions. Let me try to address them all in order.

As far as the ACC goes, we’ve had this discussion many times before. I
believe the ACC is capped in football because of the types of schools in the
league. Miami, Boston College, Duke and Wake Forest are private schools with
small fan bases. BC is as good as they’ll ever be, and Duke and Wake have no
potential at all. Throw in the Olympic sports cultures at places like UVA and
UNC, and this really isn’t a hardcore football league.

That said, the image of the league would improve greatly with a legit
National Championship contender. The ACC hasn’t had a team play for the National
Championship since Florida State in 2000. As strong as Virginia Tech is, they
need some help at the top of the league. The ACC needs Florida State to be good,
as well as Miami. It would help if Clemson would finally get it in gear also.
I’m happy with what NC State has been able to do with Tom O’Brien. That program
is on solid ground.

In short, I believe the ACC is trending up because Florida State is getting
better. However, they are capped because of the private schools, and the private
school culture of others.

I don’t see the new TV contracts making a big difference. Will VT have a few
million more bucks to spend each year? Yep. But the other leagues have gotten
new TV contracts as well. When it comes to TV deals with ESPN/ABC, it’s really
all about keeping up with the Joneses.

There is one more step in Virginia Tech’s grand facilities plan: an indoor
practice facility with ceilings high enough to punt and that give quarterbacks