How Good is Logan Thomas … Really?

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It’s the spring, and everyone’s undefeated. Optimism for the 2011 season abounds. Recruiting is in full swing and will dominate the story lines for the next two months, and the current Hokie players are taking some down time before they return in force for second summer session in July. It’s a good time to ask: How good is Logan Thomas … really?

We can’t know the answer to that, of course, until three years from now, when the clock winds down on the bowl game that closes out his career. Then we’ll be able to place him in proper context among the greats, with names like Bob Schweickert, Don Strock, Maurice DeShazo, Jim Druckenmiller, Michael Vick, Bryan Randall and Tyrod Taylor.

But for now, we can play the game anyway. How good is Logan Thomas ?

Logan Thomas is so good that he’s Cam Newton-like. He’s going to take the ACC by storm, then the country. He’s 6-6, 245 and still growing, and soon he’ll be 6-9, 300 pounds. If you happen to see him with his shirt off, and if you look real close, you’ll see that his right arm is gradually morphing from a mere mortal “NFL arm” into a gleaming rocket launcher. Logan Thomas is changing into something more than human, and soon he’ll announce that he has signed a multi-million dollar contract to star in the upcoming sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Converted Tight End.

He’s made of pure awesome. Or so we’re told.

We’ve been here before, dealing with high expectations, most recently leading up to the 2010 season opener against Boise State. I fell into the trap then (call me a sucker), so I’m leery of pumping up a team or a player before it or he hits the field.

But it’s tempting with Logan Thomas . Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated already beat me to it, proclaiming in

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