NCAA Moves Forward in Enforcement, but the Process Takes Time

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Over the course of the last year, we’ve seen USC get hammered with probation,
UNC, Ohio State and Auburn under investigation, and more media coverage
of the corrupt aspects of college football than ever before.

Things looks like they are moving in the right direction, but an ocean liner
can’t be turned around on a dime. What the NCAA should do is a matter of
opinion, but just about everyone is in agreement that something has to be done.
College football is getting out of control.

Questionable Methods net Results

I know this is a sore spot with some Tech fans, and to be honest, I’m tired
of writing about it, or even thinking about it. But when you are discussing
improved recruiting, you really can’t avoid it in this day and age of college

Almost all of those schools that sign top 10 classes every year have either
been in trouble with the NCAA, on probation, investigated by the media or the
NCAA, or something like that. Let’s take a quick look …

Alabama: The Crimson Tide are currently on probation in 16 different
sports, including football. Also, see Albert
. Those are just two examples.

Auburn: Investigated for payment scandal involving Cam Newton. On a
recent HBO Real Sports show, several former Auburn players admitted that they
were paid lots of money while at the school. Former defensive end Stanley
McClover said he was paid cash to sign with Auburn, and an Auburn booster also
provided him with cash to buy a car while he was in school. Auburn has been on
probation six times in school history.

Florida: Allegations came out last year that Florida offensive lineman
Maurkice Pouncey received $100,000 from an agent before his college career
ended. The Florida team has also seemed to make it their job...