Friday Q&A: May 6, 2011

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National rankings, conference TV contracts and ACC coaching changes are the
topics in today’s Friday Q&A. The new Pac-12 signed a huge new TV contract
earlier in the week, and there will be a lot of new faces around the ACC this
year, particularly in basketball.

1) Where would you rank Virginia Tech football nationally right now?

Chris Coleman: The national consensus seems to be somewhere between #17
and #23. Having not researched very many other schools at all, I can’t
accurately say where I would rank the Hokies. After seeing every spring
scrimmage in person however, I think I’d probably have Tech a little higher, #15
or thereabouts. I think they are closer to #15 than #25.

I think the Hokies were a very good team last year, and despite losing Tyrod
Taylor, they will still have a very dangerous offense in 2011. The defense will
only get better. I believe this will be a pretty balanced team, on both sides of
the ball.

Rankings this early are sort of silly anyway. What exactly are we ranking?
Talent level? What record we think the team will finish with? I don’t know. But
I do know that with Virginia Tech’s schedule, the potential is there to finish a
lot higher in the rankings that they will begin the season.

Let’s say Tech starts out 18th in the media polls, and they roll through
Appalachian State, East Carolina, Arkansas State and Marshall. At that point
they’ll be ranked around 10th, with Clemson and Miami coming to down. As the
home team, Tech will be favored in both of those games, so it’s certainly not
out of the realm of possibility that the Hokies will start 6-0, especially if
Logan Thomas is playing well.

If Tech starts 6-0, they’ll easily be in the top 10, and their next three
games are at Wake Forest, home against Boston College, and at Duke. If Tech
starts 6-0, then they are likely to be 9-0 heading to Georgia Tech. When you
look at that second half schedule, Georgia Tech is really the only team that I’d
give any more than a one in three chance of beating the Hokies.

So honestly, I don’t know where I’d rank them. Like bringing your first set