Friday Q&A: April 29, 2011

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Raleigh Hokie is our guest on this week’s Friday Q&A. He talks about
Tech’s linebacker depth, and depth on the defense overall. He also addresses
Logan Thomas and the Tech offense, and what changes Bud Foster has made to his

1) How do you see linebackers shaking out, once Taylor and Tyler come back?

Raleigh Hokie: Assuming both come back fully healthy, I see very good
depth across the board at all three linebacker spots:

Mike: Taylor, Rivers / Tyler

Backer: Edwards, Clark / Williams

Whip: Gouveia-Winslow / Tweedy

Chase Williams played Mike during the spring and may be more effective as an
inside-out player. But he may end up at Backer again in the fall simply to
balance the depth at both inside LB positions. It’s a good problem to have
because depth at linebacker has been an issue for several years.

I like the combination of Gouveia-Winslow and Tweedy at the Whip spot.
Assuming no injuries, that position will be the most improved on defense this
season. They will both play, bringing different strengths to the position. They
will also push each other to get better. Most importantly – having confidence in
two players at Whip will allow Foster to play the full span of his defense
without changing personnel.

2) Offensive formations … we appear to have the personnel to run
I-formation, ACE, and the spread.  We should be pretty versatile, but is
that too much? How much freedom will Logan Thomas have in his first year as the

RH: I don’t foresee many changes in the personnel groupings or
formations on offense this season. We may not run as much spread / shotgun with
Logan Thomas as we did with Tyrod Taylor, but any difference there will be
minimal. In fact, we may see some additional twists to get David Wilson isolated
against expected mismatches. On the other side, we may not see as much spread
triple option simply because that may not be a strength of the personnel.

At quarterback, Logan Thomas will not have the freedom Tyrod Taylor had last
year as a 4th year senior, but those limitations will be in the area of pre-snap
checks, audibles and play