Revisiting the Staff Changes of 2006

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At the end of the 2005 season, Virginia Tech went through significant
coaching staff changes, the likes of which we don’t see very often under Frank
Beamer. The changes were considered good ones from a recruiting standpoint, and
Beamer obviously made it a point to put together a new staff that would give the
program a shot in the arm in recruiting. Five years later, we examine those
coaching changes and see if they’ve actually been a benefit to the program.

Frank Beamer has had a total of 21 different assistant coaches since the
Beamer Bowl Era began in 1993. The current coaching staff has been in place
since 2006, with no coach leaving or getting fired. Though Beamer hasn’t had
much staff turnover in the last 18 years, there has still been change in
Blacksburg, and each time the program has emerged just fine.

Some change is for the better, and some change is for worse. Today we’ll
examine the staff turnover from 2006 and see how they have affected the program.

The Changes

After the 2005 season, two Virginia Tech staff members decided to leave Tech
for the NFL, while another moved on to the SEC. A fourth was let go by Frank

Coaching Changes
Out In
Lorenzo Ward Torrian Gray
Danny Pearman Curt Newsome
Kevin Rogers Mike O’Cain
Tony Ball Kevin Sherman

Lorenzo Ward and Kevin Rogers jumped to the NFL, to the Raiders and Vikings
respectively. Tony Ball moved to the University of Georgia. Danny Pearman was
let go by Frank Beamer, who shifted the responsibilities of offensive line
coach/offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring.

Before the changes, Stinespring coached the centers and guards, while Pearman
was the tight ends and offensive tackles coach. Pearman was let go to make room