Football Discussions with Raleigh Hokie, Part Three

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Chris Coleman: What do you see from Logan Thomas this year? The way I see it, both of those quarterbacks who played in the National Championship Game were first year starters. Also, the guys at Florida and Texas were first year starters, and that didn’t work out so well. It can go either way.

Raleigh Hokie: People want to jump on that one pass he made against Miami, but it was only one pass. It will be interesting to see how they tend to use him. He’s a little unusual. We’ve never had a guy that big, who is that type of player and that type of athlete. The last time we had a guy who was really big was Druckenmiller, and he was always a poor practice player. That’s what cost him in the NFL.

Logan Thomas will be interesting, a guy that size … I wouldn’t be surprised if we visited the Auburn coaches in the offseason. Thomas is Cam Newton size. I don’t know if Thomas is as physical as guys like Newton or Tebow.

CC: Yeah, you just don’t know yet because he’s been wearing a yellow jersey a lot. I’ve seen him run over Exum about 20 yards downfield, but you still don’t know yet.

RH: You know, he was going to be a tight end. I’ll be interested to see how they line up this year. I think they’ll be tempted to go back to the kind of offense they ran when Glennon was here. A combination of spread and under center. Not as much running as they did with Tyrod.

Then there’s what Auburn did with Cam Newton, which was all spread. But you aren’t going to get Frank Beamer and Billy Hite moved too far away from the power running game approach. It’s the way football has been for decades. The NFL still proves to this day that if you are a power running team, and you are successful at it, you’ve got a chance to go all the way to the Super Bowl. The Ravens, the Steelers, the Bears. They play one way. They hit you, and by the fourth quarter you are ready to give up. That’s what Beamer wants.

CC: Of course, this