Football Discussions with Raleigh Hokie, Part Two

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Raleigh Hokie: I’ve heard mixed things on Curtis Grant. Cavanaugh absolutely loved him.

Chris Coleman: He’s a great physical talent. But you never even know when a guy like that is even playing hard in high school. He might be a better football player in college than he was in high school. Just based on high school film, Stephone Anthony is the more impressive player. I’ve seen him, as the middle linebacker for his team, take on the center and just plant him into the ground before making the tackle. I think Anthony is the only linebacker Tech has ever recruited who could play all three linebacker positions. Most versatile linebacker we’ve ever recruited.

RH: If we get him. I have my doubts. When is the last time we beat out major programs for an out-of-state recruit in the last two weeks of the process?

CC: Yeah, I know. Kevin Jones?

RH: Yeah, most of our big recruits commit early. For Beamer, there’s only one thing left that he wants to do. He’s extremely competitive, and people don’t realize that. The guy hates to lose … anything. On the golf course, you hear stories about how he hates to lose. He’s not satisfied with 10 win seasons and ACC Championships. He knows there is only one thing left to do. He’s also extremely loyal to the people that he has.

It’s a double-edged sword. People think that if you make one or two changes, it will get you where you want to be. The other side of that is that it could potentially knock you back two steps.

CC: We’ve got a lot more room to move down than up, that’s for sure.

RH: Another thing is that it’s not easy to recruit people to Blacksburg.

CC: That’s one thing I’ve tried to stress over the past couple of years. But it seems like that’s the one thing that people refuse to believe. They just can’t see it.

RH: Well, it’s personal to them, right? They came here and loved